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    Together - Celebrating Live


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    Together - Celebrating Live

    • Oil and Acrylics on Italian Canvas
    • Dimensions 400cm x 200cm
    • This work is original
    • 2020
    • Not Framed, comes rolled in a Tube
    • Every piece comes with a Verisart web3 Blockchain Certificates of Authenticity
    • Shipping costs will be charged separately

    This piece celebrates the good times you have with friends in Ibiza to fabalous music from Solomun and Adriatique. Celebrating Live, Love and Hedonism.

    Schibli’s style of painting is unique and fascinating, as he developed an incredibly dynamic, abstract style that made use of spontaneous, energetic bottle splashes and drips of paint. This style it allowed for a freedom of expression.

    Abstract expressionism is an artistic movement that originated in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. It is marked by an overall lack of traditional structure and representation, instead focusing on raw materials, spontaneity, and the exploration of the artist’s inner feelings. This unconventional art movement was pioneered by prominent figures such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Lee Krasner, each of whom drew on their own unique styles and techniques to create abstract expressionist works.

    Abstract expressionism is an art form that is largely based on the idea of self-expression, rather than the traditional approach of creating art that accurately depicts a subject or scene. It relies on the use of texture, color, and line to convey emotion, rather than the traditional approach of conveying narrative or symbolic meaning. Interestingly, this makes it difficult to create completely objective, literal interpretations of abstract expressionist works. Instead, viewers are provoked to create their own subjective, individual interpretations of the work.