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    Tara Wall Sculpture - 50% off with code „xmas23“


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    Tara Wall Sculpture - Time is precious don't waste it!
    50% off with code „xmas23“

    • Size 60x50cm
    • Acrylic and Gold Metal Leaf on Wood
    • 2018
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    The Wall Sculptures by the artist Oliver Schibli explore the concepts of time and memory. The sculptures feature parts of clocks and figures, which are symbolic of the passage of time and the way that memories can be both fleeting and enduring. Schibli's work also highlights the idea of how the past influences the present, demonstrating how our experiences and memories shape our identity and outlook on life.

    Present and past are two concepts that are often discussed in philosophy. The present is the point in time we are in right now, while the past is what happened before this moment. The two concepts are often used to explore the idea of time, how it moves and how our experience of it shapes our lives. Philosophers have proposed various theories to explain these concepts, including the concept of temporality, which states that the present is constantly changing and the past is fixed. Other theories focus on the idea that our experience of the present is shaped by our memories of the past, and that our experience of the past influences our understanding and interpretation of the present.

    Oliver Schibli's art object collection is a unique and remarkable assemblage of artifacts from the last 20 years of creation. It includes contemporary works inspired from cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. This collection is a testament to the power of art to create a dialogue between cultures and to express ideas across time and space. It is also a reminder of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and the impact of globalization on art. Visitors to the collection can expect to find a wide variety of objects, from art mirror and sculpture to painting and furniture. Oliver Schibli's art object collection offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of art and the importance of cultural heritage.

    A wall sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork that is created to be hung on a wall. Wall sculptures can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, stone, fabric, or clay. Wall sculptures often incorporate elements of design, color, and texture, and can range from abstract to representational. Wall sculptures are often used to express ideas, emotions, or messages, and can be a great way to add a unique, interesting touch to a room.