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    Strange Harmony - Guardian Serie


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    Strange Harmony - Guardian Serie

    • Acrylics on Italian Canvas
    • Dimensions 170cm x 150cm
    • This work is original
    • 2015
    • Every piece comes with a Verisart web3 Blockchain Certificates of Authenticity
    • Shipping costs will be charged separately
    • Not Framed at the moment. rolled canvas

    The artwork from the "Guardians" series by award-winning Swiss artist Oliver Schibli is a fascinating connection between Mayan art and the theme of love. It pays homage to the rich symbolism and hidden messages woven into Mayan art. The detailed images, which appear like idol masks, invite us to immerse ourselves in a world where love is considered a universal and timeless phenomenon.

    Mayan culture is known for its complex symbolism and ability to hide deep meanings in its artwork. Similarly, Schibli reveals a multitude of details and hidden messages in his works, allowing us to explore the different facets of love. The detailed elaboration of the masks creates an atmosphere of awe and curiosity that invites us to discover the hidden treasures of love.

    Love is a universal theme that connects people all over the world. It is a force that drives us to connect, grow and heal. In the masks of the "Guardians" we see the different aspects of love represented - from romantic love to family love to unconditional love. Each mask reveals a different facet of this complex emotion, reminding us that love can take many forms.

    The detailed details in the masks tell stories of love, loss, passion and devotion. They remind us that love is not always easy, but also involves challenges and sacrifices. The Mayan symbols used in the works add extra depth to the images and open up new interpretations and perspectives for us.

    By engaging with the artworks and deciphering the hidden messages, we can reflect on our own relationship to love. They encourage us to confront our own feelings and experiences and to recognize the different facets of love within ourselves. They remind us that love is not just an outer experience, but also an inner journey that leads us to better understand ourselves and others.

    Oliver Schibli's "Guardians" series is therefore not only a visual depiction of love, but also an invitation to self-reflection. It gives us the opportunity to grapple with the complexity of love and to explore our own relationship to this universal phenomenon. She reminds us that love is a source of inspiration, growth and connection that accompanies us on our journey through life.