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This solar disc presents Life from a harmonic low relief pattern of intersecting rays. Sun worship is reflective of the universal human need to comprehend the mysteries of life, death and the beyond. In many cultures, this cycle is closely tied to the rhythmical changing of the seasons and the passage of the sun across the sky. For the ancient Egyptians, for example, the rising of the sun in the morning provided a model of daily regeneration and suggested their own resurrection after death. 

Every Art pIece is oscillated with Solfeggio and protection Frequencies for 24 Hours.
Oliver Schibli
Healing Art

Sun Disc Nr.1
100x100cm 39x39inch

sun Disc Nr.2
100x100cm 39x39inch

Sun Disc Nr.3
60x60cm 23.6x23.6inch

Sun Disc Nr.4
30x30cm 12x12inch

Sun Disc Nr.5
30x30cm 12x12inch

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