If you are in self-isolation or your local galleries and museums have closed, here is the best digital initiative to feed your need for art.
As coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread and disrupt the daily lives of people across the globe, forcing many to self-quarantine, I’m compiling the best online offering. Whether you are staying at home or your local museums and galleries have closed, here is the best digital initiative to satisfy your creative cravings.
I strongly believe in the social value of art and, whilst it clearly doesn’t offer a cure, I believe it offers a space for thought, inspiration and distraction that is essential in these troubling times. 
I offer private video collector tours to feed your need for art and maybe you will find your next piece of art which is lighting up these dark times. 
we as artist might not be directly on the front lines, but we need to up hold our duty to keep creating, bringing Light and Positivity out of this darkness. We are all in this together
Oliver Schibli 

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