$OLI Coin is designed to engage and reward fans and collectors in a more personal and community-based way. As the $OLI economy develops, it will be used for expanding all creative opportunities available such as exclusive access to my art world. In addition, every coin holder will benefit from Rally weekly creator rewards. $RLY rewards are based on how much $OLI is in your wallet, so the longer you hold your coins, the better for everyone!
Why a Community Currency?
The internet is changing and communities are discovering that embedding financial tools creates new ways to organize their activities and engage their members. The benefits for holding $oli will evolve based on your feedback and ideas so this list will grow, but out of the gate holders will get get:

Exclusive access to in-person events we hold throughout the year.

Be automatically entered to win an Lovelyy NFT
Rewards for Everyone
Earn weekly Rally rewards just for holding $oli and supporting the community. The more you hodl, the more you earn. You can re-invest these rewards to get more $oli, or convert them out into sweet-sweet cash. We will also be constantly giving away $RAPS to our most engaged community members.
How to get $oli
Step 1:
Create an account on Rally. For those of you who have been buying NBA TopShot’s, Rally is to us, what Dapper is them.
Step 2:
Go to our Rally page, click “buy” on the left panel, and purchase $oli coins. You can use your credit/debit card or cryptocurrency.

Purchase Coin

Have questions? Hopefully they are answered below but if not, join the discord and ask anything in the #help channel.
Is this a cryptocurrency?
Yes it is! $oli is powered by Rally which runs on a sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet. This makes it possible to swap $oli for Rally tokens ($RLY), the Rally Network’s default ERC-20 token, and then convert that into any other cryptocurrency (like $ETH) or standard fiat currency (CAD).
Does the price of $oli fluctuate?
Yes. $oli fluctuates based on the supply and demand of the coin, just like any other real world or digital asset. Hodl. Always Hodl.
Does Oliver Schibli Art get any coins?
Yes. As the creator, we will be granted an allocation to do with as we choose. There is a period of time that it will take us to vest that allotment, but once we have them, we will be using them to reward both you and everyone at Oliver Schibli Art for helping to making this community even more vibrant.
Is this a pump and dump?
No, absolutely not. It is not in our best interests to sell our stash for many reasons, but namely, we would never do you folks dirty like that. We have been building Oliver Schibli ARt for over 25 years, and money is not reason enough to throw all of that away. We see this as a way for us all to benefit from the conversation that we engage in together on a daily basis.

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