The moon follows a beautiful cyclical cycle; its waxing and waning affects everything from the ocean to our own sleep cycles. You may already begin to notice your energy affected during different phases of the moon. During a New Moon, you may feel softer while on a Full Moon you may experience a high flux of energy and cascading emotions. When you begin to align with the moon and her phases you begin to connect to your inner self, and harness all you need to manifest and expand to your highest self.
Our energy softens and heightens the same as the moon. We are not always supposed to be in a constant state of go and hustle. The moon encourages you to tap into your best version of self, embrace your uniqueness, and own your independence.
All my unique Moon Discs are oscillated with Solfeggio Frequencies for 24 Hours. ​​​​​​​
Oliver Schibli
Healing Art
Moon Disc Number 1001
Acrylic, Silver Metal Leaf and Lacquer on Wood

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